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1. Complete Eye Exams. We offer both adult and pediatric eye exams. We have a wheelchair accessible room for our patients. A complete exam consists of a general health history, history of eye health, a vision check, a refraction (glasses prescription check), check of eye function, and dilation. The doctor examines the anatomy of the eye, structures and function of the anterior (or front) of the eye. He checks muscle function and looks for problems that can affect the cornea, eyelids, eye lashes and conjunctiva. He continues by examining the lens and posterior sections of the eye. During this part of the exam he checks the retina for any signs of disease, the macula for any problems, and the optic nerve for any abnormalities. During an exam we can write a prescription for glasses if needed, detect medical problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetes, and offer options for treatment. We also offer eye exams for patients with contacts. This includes soft, toric soft, and rigid gas permeable lenses.

2. Cataract Surgery. Dr. George has been specializing in cataract surgery since 1978. He has performed cataract surgery on many ages of patients. In a recent development he can offer a surgery to patients to help reduce their presbyopia (dependence on reading glasses). You can find information regarding this exciting new lens here. After evaluation for surgery we schedule each patient for an individualized pre-operative visit before the surgery date where measurements are obtained. We also give the patient instructions for before the surgery and sign the paperwork needed for the day of surgery. The day surgery visit is about a 3 hour stay. The patient is prepared with eye drops and placing of an IV. An IV relaxing agent is given if the patient desires. Numbing eye drops are given just prior to surgery. No needles or injections are given around the eye. The actual procedure lasts around 15 minutes. Following surgery the eye is not bandaged, but protective glasses are used. Minor discomfort following surgery may be encountered, sometimes requiring an over the counter analgesic. The patient is seen postoperatively at 1 day, 1 week, and 3 weeks which completes the post operative course and eye drops are stopped. Any need for glasses is evaluated at the end of the post operative period.

3. Oculoplastic Surgery. Dr. George performs blepharoplasty to correct for age related sagging skin above the eyelids. The doctor obtains any evidence to support a medical basis for the procedure and can pre-authorize coverage to do the surgery in some cases. We are able to perform most surgeries in the office in our minor surgery room.

4. Laser Surgery. Both doctors can perform laser retinal tear repair and treatment for diabetic retinopathy in the office. For information on Lasik eye surgery visit our Lasik Surgery Page.

5. Medical office visits. We can treat eye infections, eye allergies, dry eye, eye emergencies, foreign material(s) in the eye, eye injuries (including lacerations to the eye and lid), and irritation of the eye.

6. Referrals and New Patients. We are always happy to accept referrals and new patients. Contact our scheduling desk for more information at (208) 263-8501.

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